What I’ve really liked it for

crankbait line for bass fishing

If you’ve read any of my stuff, you’re well aware I love a dang crankbait. You will never, ever see me on the water without several crankbaits rigged and ready on my front deck. Maybe I’m weird but I sure love ‘em.

Fluorocarbon is a weird beast when cranking. I primarily throw a plug in the 4- to 6-foot range and if it’s a small crankbait I’ll use 12-pound fluorocarbon; if I’m throwing a big-bodied squarebill plug I’ll use 15- to 17-pound fluorocarbon. So while I do prefer fluorocarbon in most situations for cranking, I’ve also learned that each brand and model isn’t the same. Some are stiff, some are slinky and some will break if they even get within a few feet of a rock.

I’ve been using the Yo-Zuri Hybrid while cranking and it has been outstanding. It has the durability of fluorocarbon and enough sensitivity to detect subtle bites from lethargic bass but it’s also just stretchy enough to allow for a slight hesitation in my hookset. Instead of a stiffer fluoro letting me feel the bite right away and risk pulling the lure and hooks away from the bass, I’m able to delay my hookset by just a few milliseconds which ensures the bass gets as many trebles in its mouth as possible.

So if you’re throwing a cranking and getting a bunch of short strikes or having an issue with setting the hook a bit too early, I strongly suggest trying a spool of this line in the diameters I mentioned. I’m willing to bet a lot of those short strikes are going to turn into caught fish due to the small bit of flexibility this line adds to the equation.