What is it?

new bass fishing rig

So for starters, this product doesn’t fall neatly into any current genre of baits; instead, it has created a lane of its own. The best way to simply describe it is to call it a “bladed teaser”. It’s essentially three small willow leaf blades attached to quality ball bearing swivels that are then attached to a clear prop which is ultimately threaded onto your line. The idea is to put this teaser out in front of the baits you already have confidence in and give a bass that much more reason to go ahead and commit.

As you reel this teaser through the water, you’ll see the blades on the swivels are all able to turn independent of one another. But what’s really cool is that while the blades are all spinning individually, the whole teaser is spinning as well. The clear piece that holds the whole teaser together is built like a prop, so as it spins and the blades spin you get a truly dynamic flash that’s constantly reflecting little rays of light in countless directions, very similar to what you’d see with a small school of baitfish.