What I use the 4510 for


Some time last year, I bought a bunch of cheap plastic containers off Amazon because I wanted a new way to organize some of my tackle that I like to leave in its original packaging. Things like spinnerbaits, hollow body frogs and soft plastics. Though the containers did a good job at the onset, their cheapness quickly shone through as the lids started to warp and the latches constantly popped open or all the way off in rough water.

The 4510 is the perfect size to fit several hollow body frogs while still leaving them in their original packaging. Leaving frogs in their packaging certainly makes them last a good bit longer and ensures their legs aren’t in weird positions and all tangled and melted by the time you go to fish with them.

This box is again a great size for soft plastics still in the pack and the optional dividers either allow you to separate out multiple types of baits in one box or you can remove them and load a box up with a stockpile of your favorite bait. And if you do remove the divider, remember it’s made of Zerust. I have taken these dividers that I didn’t need from other Flambeau boxes in the past and cut them up to throw little pieces into other boxes where rust might be a bigger concern.