What I thought was weird, I actually like now

soft-plastic bass fishing bait

The Typhon has three little dart-shaped tentacles trailing along out of the back of the bait. These tentacles are what kind of threw me for a loop when I first saw the bait. When I pitched it out into the water, the tentacles actually looked pretty cool on the fall and gave this bait a unique look. The UDSP material has a good bit of buoyancy to it, creating a slower fall that really allows the tentacles to flail and flap around slowly. This looked like it would be pretty enticing to a bass.

Though I haven’t had the chance to fish for a bedding fish with it, it really seems like a good bait for that, as the skirting and tentacles would just kind of float up and drift around while the bait sat in a bed. This would perfectly imitate what a bream pecking around a bed for eggs would look like and I can’t imagine how a bedding bass could resist it. But even for non bedding bass, the tail-up action of this bait along with its slow hop and fall would likely entice any skeptical bass to commit to it.