What happens next


So the magnetic weight transfer system created a longer cast… now what? Well, when the bait hits the water, the ball rolls back to the front of the chamber and locks in on the magnet. This resets the bait for the presentation and puts the majority of the bait’s weight right in its belly, which creates a much wider wobble action.

The MR 60F does have a particularly wide wobble, which Hardcore credits to both the weight transfer system and the rounded bill. There’s been a lot of discussion over the years about a wide wobble being less effective in certain seasons than a bait with a much tighter action. While I certainly have experienced a few days in particularly cold weather where a bait with a super tight action is the absolute deal, by and large I’d pick a bait with a wider wobble throughout the majority of the year which is again why this is just a good bait for anyone to tie on in an attempt to get bit.