What exactly is SeaDek?


SeaDek is a high-quality alternative to marine carpet that provides a non-skid, closed-cell foam surface that will not absorb water. It provides exceptional traction, sound dampening that can be imperative to shallow-water anglers and even when it’s wet, it offers incredible grip with our without shoes.

It is also stain and UV resistant and can be cleaned easily with a little soap and water. For tougher spots, SeaDek makes a cleaner called Dek Magic but to date, a little dish washing soap and a nylon brush lightly rubbed on the spot is all I have ever needed. SeaDek wears like iron and because I like it so much, I really believe I’ll never have another boat without it.

Used in pleasure and ski boats for years, the bass fishing market first saw it used conventionally when Xpress Boats offered it as a standard in their high-end, high-performance aluminum boats. More and more boat manufacturers are offering SeaDek in their lineup but also many do-it-yourselfers like me are now putting it in their boats when replacing old, worn-out carpet.