What does it sound like?


The Incredi Frog has an outstanding action and it has proven to be quite versatile. It’s not as loud as the Zoom Frog or Ribbit but it’s louder than the Horny Toad. If you like to throw toads, I think that comparison will make sense to you. Because of this nice balance between loud and subtle, I can see the Incredi Frog working really well in a bunch of different scenarios.

In my opinion, it will take the guesswork out of toad fishing for a lot of folks. Not everyone is going to nerd out over the intricacies of a soft-plastic toad; I totally get that. The Incredi Frog is an option you can turn to in basically any situation and expect bites. It leaves a fantastic bubble trail (more than some buzzbaits, even) and the legs plop and spit nicely to draw attention from fairly lethargic bass.