Weightless Texas rig


This is the most common way a Zoom Salty Super Fluke is fished. You simply take a hook and run the point through the nose of the Fluke until the point emerges where the slit of the belly starts. Pull the nose of the Fluke up the hook shaft to cover the eye of the hook and then run the hook point up through the belly.

This rig works well with traditional worm hooks, extra wide gap (EWG) style hooks as well as straight shank hooks. With a straight shank hook, you will leave the hook point just below the surface of the bait’s back. With EWG and worm hooks you’ll want to run it all the way through and then skin hook the bait so the point isn’t exposed, thus making the bait weedless.

The bait is rigged weightless so that it can be fished along the surface which allows it to perfectly mimic a helpless or fleeing baitfish. It works really well with a fast twitch or a slower, wide swiping, side-to-side cadence. Allowing the bait to sink a foot or two is also really effective when the fish are reluctant to break the surface on a topwater bait.