Weighted wacky rig

split shot weight for bass fishing

Wacky rigs are some of the most effective baits on the planet at getting bit. The slow shimmy of a falling wacky-rigged floating worm or stick worm is almost irresistible to a bass sitting near the surface. The only real drawback of a wacky rig is that it is extremely slow to fish. The slow fall that makes it so effective on fish near the surface kind of makes it ineffective on bass that are staging down deeper.

By taking a split-shot weight and clamping it just below the eye of a wacky rig hook, you can create what basically amounts to a wacky jighead. This little bit of added weight will help the bait fall a good bit faster and get it down to where you can effectively fish brush, dock poles and other cover that’s a little deeper.

This added weight also makes it easier to fish a wacky rig when there’s a little bit of wind or current present. Without the weight, current and wind will simply wash a wacky rig right along the surface, far too shallow and fast for it to be effective. But with even just the little bit of added weight of a split shot, you can more effectively fish a wacky rig along bluff walls, rip rap and other areas where the wind and current might otherwise make a wacky rig obsolete.