Weight it for full range


With the fish being deeper this winter, I’ve been targeting bass deeper than 20 feet by weighting the jerkbait with Storm Suspend Strips or lead wire wrapped around the front hook. 

I don’t get too overboard with it. I add a strip and then cast the bait in front of my LiveScope to see how fast or slow it sinks. I like it to sink a foot every second or two. I don’t want it to fall 10 feet everytime I pause. I just want to reel it to depth, then let it sink a few feet. Then jerk it, let it sink a few more feet. And repeat. 

As fish react to it or follow it, I might speed up my cadence to keep the bait at that level. I try to keep the jerkbait above them. Sometimes the fish will come up to 12 feet. Sometimes it has to be right above them in 20 feet of water.