Wacky rigs underneath dock walkways

wacky rig in bass mouth

Heck, I’m not quite sure why spring bass love a dock walkway but they sure enough do; perhaps it’s because they’re often found in shallow water and the walkway provides some overhead cover from airborne predators.

Whatever the reason, you owe it to yourself to rig up a weightless wacky rig on 8-pound line on a medium-action spinning rod. You can skip this rig a country mile with ease, so while keeping your distance from the walkway, skip that sucker into the heaviest shade you can find and just let it fall on a totally slack line. Very lightly twitch it a few times before letting it fall on slack line again and if you don’t get a bite, move on to the next target.

I think some of the top professional anglers such as John Cox and Jacob Wheeler have really opened a lot of folks’ eyes to the effectiveness of this simple rig. It seems like when the shallow bite gets tough in the spring, they’ll still smoke a wacky rig when they’ll hardly touch anything else.

It’s important not to get into robot mode when trying this, however. You won’t often feel a big thump when you get a bite. Instead, you’ll see your slack line twitch or you’ll notice your line swimming to one side or the other. It’s very important to stay focused and pay close attention with this technique.