Wacky rig

wacky rigged worm in bass mouth

On the opposite end of the spectrum from the glide bait, you’ll find the wacky rig. But both are great baits this time of year. The glide bait brings a lot of drawing power to the table, able to draw the attention of a fish from a good distance away. But a wacky rig is a much more finesse and target-specific tool. Still though, it’s capable of catching big ones.

You’ll want to use a wacky rig in a lot of the same places as you will a glide bait. But with a wacky rig, you’re able to get under docks, bushes and even further back into cover to draw strikes where other baits can’t reach. This is also a great tool when fish are guarding fry during the immediate post spawn.

As the bass fry hatch out, they’ll school up and hang around a lot of the aforementioned cover. Male bass will often hang around to guard the fry from the female bass and other predators. Letting a wacky rig fall slowly through the middle of a ball of fry is a great way to draw a strike from a fry-guarding bass or a big female that’s still hanging around looking for an opportunity to make a swipe through the ball of fry.