Wacky rig

wacky-rigged zoom trick worm for bass fishing

Looking at one of the more popular ways to rig this worm, you can see what I mean by the bait’s design allowing for a unique action to come out of the lure. Starting at the nose of the bait, you’ll find a relatively thicker body through the first half of the bait. Then the lure begins to taper down towards the tail, only to widen out once again for the darter-style tail that looks somewhat like a stretched diamond.

When you wacky rig a Trick Worm by placing the hook near the middle of the bait, you get some really subtle but evident wobbling action from the worm on the fall as the bait undulates. This is all due to the varying thicknesses of the lure from head to tail and is just one way that anglers have found to make this worm do some pretty cool things.