Very good casting reel


Thanks to the DC controls, anglers will find the 4 numbered dial for setting a more accurate casting experience on the Shimano SLX DC. The numbered settings operate as follows:

  • Setting 1 – Ideal conditions open spooling
  • Setting 2 – braid / mono lines
  • Setting 3 – fluorocarbon lines
  • Setting 4 – wind or skipping applications or beginner control

Set your tension for the weight of the lure, set the DC-4 dial to the desired setting and let it rip. I’ve played around skipping wacky rigged Senkos and frogs around flooded cover. I’ve pitched and flipped with fluorocarbon lines. I’ve casted topwaters and fished light jigs with the SLX DC. It can handle every fishing application I’ve tried with it.