Very cool colors

bass fishing crankbait on bass fishing reel

I don’t think shallow crankbait fishing needs to be a fashion show. I’ve tested a bunch of squarebills over the years that might look like a million bucks but when you actually fish ‘em and try to catch fish on ‘em, they don’t run well at all. They’ll spin out if you reel them in too fast, they won’t get through cover well and it just turns into more of a hassle than anything else.

With that being said, not only does these crankbaits work great and come through cover with ease… but they also look awesome. Just a quick browse through Tackle Warehouse unveils an impressive 25-color selection that covers just about any situation you can imagine. You can choose from all kinds of different crawfish variations, baitfish options and sunfish colors.

My personal favorite, as pictured, is the “Bully” pattern. In my opinion, I think it can mimic both a crawfish and panfish depending upon the water clarity which is a big weapon to have on your front deck.