soft-plastic swimbait on the back of a bass fishing chatterbait

There are lots of ways to use little swimbaits like this. As we stated at the onset, these are great baits to be fished on jigheads, either individually or as a group on an umbrella rig. But the SPRO Pocket Tail Minnow also makes for a great trailer on skirted baits. If you’re looking to bulk up a swim jig and add a little action to the back end, this swimbait will do just that. And it offers your swim jig a trailer that will come through thicker vegetation better than a craw-style trailer would.

Want to beef up your ChatterBait a bit? Again, the Pocket Tail Minnow can do just that by adding to the body of the bait and then slipping a little kicking tail out to dance just behind the skirt. This also makes a great trailer for spinnerbaits when you’re wanting to slow roll one in cold and stained water. And it’s even a great bait for rigging on a buzzbait, with or without a skirt.