Versatile hood and collar

hood and collar of a fishing rainsuit

Again, I like to have a rain suit that I can use year round. But to be fair, that’s a big ask when you consider fishermen will fish in temperatures from below freezing to 90-plus degrees. But I believe Rapala has created a suit that caters to all the elements and the hood and collar are a big part of what makes this jacket so versatile. The collar has a soft lining on the inside and can be flipped up for maximum protection in the cold from the wind. But it can also be rolled down when the weather’s hot so it doesn’t smother you.

There are also all sorts of details to the hood. For starters, there are two drawstrings, one that tightens the hood around the opening and another that tightens the hood around the head, along where the band of a hat or visor would be. With both of these cinched down, you can make boat runs without the hood catching a bunch of air and pulling back on your head. When I’m fishing though, I prefer to have these two loosened up. And to top all that off, if it’s a sunny day and you don’t want the hood out at all, you can actually roll it up and store it inside of a pocket along the collar. Rapala really did think of quite a bit with this one.