When it comes to trailers, the Zoom Split Tail Trailer is extremely versatile. It doesn’t really look like much on its own. But when you put it on the back of a buzzbait, you realize that it’s the perfect size and profile to mask the hook without adding a bunch of bulk. You can easily see what “too much of a good thing” looks like if you put a big and bulky trailer on a buzzbait.

The versatility is evident too when you slip it on the back of a spinnerbait. Now the same bait that simply masked a buzzbait hook starts to pulse and kick with every pump of your rod tip on the back of a spinnerbait. It works especially well when fishing a spinnerbait with a trailer hook, not hanging up on the extra hook as much as some other trailers do.

And again, slip a Split Tail Trailer on the back of a ChatterBait and you’ll see it really come alive. The aggressive vibration of a bladed jig works its way back to the trailer and sends it in every direction imaginable. The overall profile stays pretty tight but within that little space there’s a whole lot of action. And with this trailer being straight and thin, you don’t experience a lot of hanging and grabbing of grass and other cover like you see with a craw-style trailer for instance.