Because this bait doesn’t require a lot of effort on the angler’s part to appear lifelike, you can do a lot with it. The best presentation I’ve found with it is just a slow and simple drag. So the the bait is perfect for shaky heads, Texas rigs, Carolina rigs and wobble heads. It would also be a fun bait to use on a Neko or wacky rig. You could even rig this thing on an oversized drop shot if you’d like and try power shotting it with a baitcaster.

Being that it does look so different, there’s really a lot you could do with it to give the fish something different to look at where they usually see a very select few artificial worms and jigs. And speaking of the bait’s versatility, it could even come in handy around Halloween when looking for decoration ideas or perhaps it would make an invaluable asset in a prank war with your significant other. Lay one of these on the toilet seat, close the lid and just wait… though I don’t think that was the initial intent of the Mega Mite at the onset.