Value anglers can appreciate


I’ve long said that I have a special appreciation for affordable bass fishing gear. It wasn’t long ago I was saving up just to buy a new spool of fishing line. With a lot of the newer gear these days leaning more towards the expensive side, it’s refreshing to see and test a new product that most anglers will be able to afford.

Starting at just $17.99 for a 164-yard spool, SPRO Essential Series Gouken Fluorocarbon offers outstanding value. Along with its affordability, its performance continues to impress me on the water. I think once anglers give this line a try, it’s going to become tough to find because of the repeat orders/purchases. For its price point, it’s a legit bass fishing line that should be taken seriously.

It’s available in 10-, 12-, 14-, 16- and 20-pound sizes with the 20-pound priced at $21.99 per 164-yard spool. In the future, I’d love to see a 25-pound test introduced for those super heavy-cover situations but for now, I think the available diameters cover just about anything a shallow-water guy like myself could ask for.

If I were you, I’d have no reservations when it comes to trying this line. It’s good stuff that comes from a good company with a reputation of quality. In my experiences fishing with it, I’ve developed a lot of confidence in it and whether you’re spooling up for a tournament or a day of pond fishing with the kids, I think you’ll appreciate the value this line represents.

SPRO Essential Series Gouken Fluorocarbon is available at the following retailers: