Use some sort of high-visibility fishing line

bright fishing line

I know bass fishing can get way to complicated at times. I totally get that and I do my very best to keep things a simple as humanly possible. But if you plan to fish these weightless rigs this spring, I strongly suggest getting a spool or two of high-visibility line. I say that because the large majority of your bites are going to occur as your plastic is falling to the bottom on a slack line. If you can’t see your line twitch or jump when the bite occurs, you’re putting yourself at a major disadvantage in regards to bite detection and hookup ratio.

High-visibility line can mean different things to different people and of course, everyone’s eyes are different. You might be able to see different colors better than I can. But I would certainly suggest experimenting with a few different things. I have some friends who use 8-pound fluorescent yellow crappie fishing line with these weightless techniques and I know many others who prefer braided line on their spinning gear because it floats and visually shows those “ticks” and “jumps” better to the naked eye.

Whatever you can see best, I suggest you use that; we don’t need to turn this into some sort of science experiment and make it more comlicated than it really is. Whatever line you can track well on slack line, use it. Don’t get carried away with all the options out there on the market.