Use a line pick when things are tough

using a line pick to remove a tangle from a fishing reel

Sometimes, no matter what you do, your line is going to cinch down into the spool. This happens on the initial backlash on occasion. Say you’re casting a heavy bait really hard and you backlash; that first loop may be cinched down deep. There are times when I start to think I have a backlash almost picked out and then I commit to tugging on the main line a little harder to pull it free, only to find it’s not quite there yet and I’ve now cinched the loop down into the spool.

Whatever the case, a line pick like the one in this photo is extremely helpful in these situations. My dad got this one a long time ago from Bass Pro but you can also find a handy one from Rapala here. Using the thin-wire hooked tip of a line pick, you can sneak in under cinched-down line and ease it up to create a loop that you can then tug on. Be careful here though not to damage your line. When you go to digging with the hooked tip, you may scuff your fluorocarbon or monofilament. There’s also a tendency for the point of then pick to go between the fibers of braided line. You don’t want to do either of these things as they’ll damage the integrity of the line.

Remember to always start slow and stay slow for that matter. Patience is key when picking out a backlash. If you run into a particularly pesky cinched down spot in your line or a knot, a line pick is extremely helpful. Whatever you do, however, don’t let the line pile up at your feet as you pick the backlash out. Using these three tips, hopefully you’ll be picking out backlashes in no time and overcome one of the greatest obstacles in all of bass fishing.