Unlock a new strike zone


I’m an inquisitive person. I tend to question everything, so that leads to me noticing little things I find odd. One such thing relates to how we, as anglers, fish from the bank versus how we fish from a boat. If I’m in a boat, I’m typically throwing right up next to the bank. Like, I’ll kick up mud with the trolling motor to get my boat shallow enough to reach the dirt. But a guy fishing from the bank will do his best to throw as far out away from the bank as possible.

I’m guilty of the same thing when fishing ponds and streams from the bank. And it makes sense, to some degree, to make as long of a cast as possible to give yourself a better chance of catching something. Though I typically don’t get bit way out there at the end of a cast from the bank, I have caught a lot of fish about 30 to 40 feet from the bank, right where my boat would usually be sitting.

Knowing this, I have backed off the bank quite often and found there’s a whole set of suspended fish that I missed out on for years on the bigger bodies of water. Taking a small paddle tail swimbait and putting it on a small jighead, I’ve caught dozens of fish I likely wouldn’t have caught otherwise without this simple “aha” moment that came along while fishing smaller waters.