Unique grips

reel seat of bass fishing rod

This is one thing that has taken me a bit to get used to throughout my experience fishing with this rod. Cashion has always had a very unique grip style and while it will certainly feel different when you first put it in your hand, I think you’ll really start to like it after just a few minutes.

As bass anglers, we’re pretty used to cork and EVA foam handles on our fishing rods but these carbon fiber split-grip handles are pretty impressive in my opinion. They feel good in your hand and they also seem to transmit a lot of vibration and sensitivity throughout my testing. They don’t get slippery with wet or fish slime-covered hands with is also a big plus in my book. I’ve also noticed that this rod feels a bit lighter than many others in the grip section of the rod which, to the best of my knowledge, probably has a lot to do with this particular grip style.