Under Armour Micro G Kilchis Shoes


I’ve been wearing these new Micro G Kilchis fishing shoes for nearly everything. The soles have drain ports that lets the water just go right through them. That makes them quick drying. I wear them walking on wet raining mornings in the summer. I wear them when I know I will have to get my feet wet launching the boat and I wear them whenever I think it’s going to rain while out fishing because they drain so easily and quickly. 

They have a thin material and a really comfortable midsole. The outersole has tremendous tread and no slip traction. These wear just like your best cross trainers and are equally as comfortable without socks as they are with socks. 

Keep in mind if you walk in the wet grass with socks your feet will get wet. The draining soles let water in as well as they let water out. 

You can find the Under Armour Micro G Kilchis at TackleWarehouse.com.