Unbelievable casting distance

lew's bass fishing reel

I was talking to a friend of mine the other day and we were both commenting on how impress we’ve been with the casting distance of the recent Lew’s reels. After fishing with the Mach Crush SLP Casting Reel, I’d have a hard time overstating its casting distance. I’ve tested it with a myriad of baits and your jaw will nearly drop when you first cast this reel. Although it’s not topwater season here just yet, I messed around with it the other week and rigged up a Strike King Sexy Dawg and gave it all I had with a long cast. With no backlash or tangles at all, I was darn near able to spool this reel and I easily cast it all the way to the backing knot.

While it does show off in regards to casting distance, it has also proven itself to handle short and accurate casts as well. It’s not a particularly “touchy” reel like many others which means you don’t have to baby the spool when you’re making complex skips and pitches underneath cover. So whether you’re looking for a reel that can cast a country mile or gently place a jig underneath a boat dock, I think you’ll be quite pleased with this one.