Umbrella rig and final thoughts

bass fishing swimbait rigged on bass fishing swimbait jighead

We’ve talked exclusively in this piece so far about using this jighead for a single swimbait. While it is well suited for that, the thin profile and affordability also make this a great jighead for umbrella rigs. Being able to rig out a whole A-Rig for five bucks is nice and in the unfortunate instance that you lose one, you’re not out $10 or $15 for jigheads in addition to the cost of the umbrella rig and swimbaits.

With a strong, sharp hook, an innovative size indicator, a good range of sizes and a great price point, the Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Swimbait Head is a good product and a great deal. The thin profile will help you keep the bait down with less weight whether rigged solo or in groups of five on an umbrella rig. With a quick glance, you’ll always know exactly what size you’re tying on or need a few more of. This is a really solid product for a reasonable price.

The Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Swimbait Head is available at