Umbrella rig

umbrella rig for bass fishing

Like them or not, umbrella rigs are some of the most effective artificial lures out there. But with so many people fishing them now, the fish have finally become a little leery to them. Bass will follow the rigs a lot more now or swat at one of the outside baits and miss hooking up. One of the best ways to up your odds, is to do a little something different with the middle bait.

Using a slightly larger swimbait or a different brand bait for the middle lure works well at times. This helps the bass hone in on the center of the rig, and is often enough to get one to commit that otherwise wouldn’t have. Using a different color bait of the same brand as the other four swimbaits for the center lure works well too. And this is where the dipping dye comes in. Dipping the tail of that center swimbait in a chartreuse or other bright color is a great way to set that middle bait apart and get the fish really focused on the heart of the rig.