Two sizes fit all with lots of color choices


The Flex Worm comes in both 5- and 7-inch sizes. With these two sizes, you have all you need for nearly any finesse technique. The 5-inch version is great for anything from a Ned rig to a Carolina rig, with the 7-inch version working well on a Neko rig, drop shot and shaky head. Though really that’s just my personal preference based on their sizes and the two are actually interchangeable with all those techniques depending on how you like to fish them.

With 11 colors and a pretty wide variety within those 11, you have an offering for most any water color you’re fishing or forage you’re trying to match. The ribbing and varying spine thickness also create really cool variations in the color of the worms, making them look like some of the higher-end, two-toned, hand-poured worms.