Twin-tail grub

bass fishing spinnerbait with twin tail grub trailer

A twin-tail grub often gets lumped in with craw-style trailers. And though that’s pretty fair, I think for that reason a lot of people overlook them as spinnerbait trailers and opt to mostly use them on jigs. But baits like the Zoom Fat Albert Twin Tail Grub are awesome spinnerbait trailers as well, given the right scenario. I really like to use these baits when I’m wanting to fish a spinnerbait slow and/or beef up its profile. Two cases in point, night fishing in the summer and slow-rolling a spinnerbait shallow in cold, muddy water.

Adding a twin-tail grub to the back of a spinnerbait will create a lot of resistance and help you fish the bait slow. If you fish it too fast, the bait simply rises higher and higher in the water column due to the resistance and lift of the trailer, so you’re forced to slow down. And the bigger bait adds to the profile to help the fish see it better. Both of these things are critical when fishing in the dark in the summertime and when fishing in muddy, shallow water in the winter. The slower the bait and the bigger the profile, the easier it is for bass to find it in both of those low visibility situations.