Tuning a spinnerbait

bass fishing spinnerbaits

You want to look for any obvious bends in the arm to correct, from the place where the wire comes out of the head of the bait all the way to where the blades are attached. But if there aren’t any obvious bends, then the wire has likely bent by twisting and you need to twist it back to get it in line. To do so, take the spinnerbait in your hand and look straight down it from the nose of the bait, with the blade arm up and the hook below. Closing one eye, you should be able to hide the hook behind the blade arm by moving the bait back and forth a little. If the arm is bent too far to the left to do this, twist it back to the right a little.

The same applies in the opposite direction: If the arm is bent too far to the right to line the hook up with it perfectly, then bend the arm back to the left a bit. You do this by holding the head of the bait firmly in one hand and the line tie firmly in the other, then twisting the wire to try to get it back in alignment. You may have to do this, check it and then do it again a few times to get it just right. But once you can hide the hook behind the blade arm again, you should be good to go.