Triple Grip-style hooks

bass fishing treble hook

The term Triple Grip is actually brand-specific to Mustad. But the rise in popularity of these Mustad trebles has made Triple Grips synonymous with this style of hook, though there are a few other brands that make something similar now.

There are a couple key features that set this hook apart from other trebles. The hook point turns back in at a sharper angle compared to other hooks, while also maintaining a wider gap near the bend of the hook. This combination allows this hook style to lock into fish better than any other treble hook design on the market.

Triple Grip-style trebles work particularly well on any lure that you anticipate a fish getting completely in its mouth. So baits like lipless crankbaits, squarebills and even some mid-depth running crankbaits with smaller bodies are all well suited for Triple Grips. But when there’s less of a chance of a fish eating the bait completely and more of a likelihood of a fish swiping at a bait, you’ll want to go with our next hook selection.