Trial by fire


So I tied on the SPRO Zero Minnow 130 to test it out for this review, threw it a few times and then set it down to pick up another bait I was also testing out. As I was going down the bank, I noticed a fish swirl up near a drainage pipe and figured it was on bed. The fish were spawning in the area, so instead of bombing the big swimbait I had in my hand up into super shallow water, I picked the wake bait back up and fired it a foot or two past the bed.

As the bait hit the water, it sank down a couple inches and then popped back up. Just as it broke the surface, I gave the bait a twitch towards the bed and this big girl annihilated it. Then the battle was on. And this is where operator error about cost me. Again, I was sampling several baits for upcoming reviews. So I just tied this bait on a rod not really suited for this style of fishing – a 7-foot heavy-action rod with 17-pound fluorocarbon. Not ideal at all.

The fight was tremendous as would be expected. I could tell the fish was big and could see the whole chrome bait shining in the water so I knew the fish had just swiped at it and been hooked all outside the mouth. Before I could back off the drag, the fish had made a big run. When I finally got it to the boat, I found that two of the hooks had opened up a good bit. But this wasn’t the fault of the hook at all. I actually like the ones on this bait, so let’s talk about those now and what I should have done differently.