Trailer hook


The most obvious use for Decoy Versatile Keeper, partly because I already stated it, is securing a trailer hook. In the past, I’ve used little rubber bands, pieces of rubber bands, small tubing and even the clicker end of a small Zip Tie to secure a trailer hook. But this little product was designed just for that and probably does the best job of all on average.

The reason I say that is that it doesn’t slide easily and it’s big enough to prevent even the larger trailer hook eyes from escaping. Trailer hooks have all different size eyes. Most are larger so they can slide over the barb of the main hook. Some of the other methods I use to secure a trailer hook won’t work for large-eyed hooks.

All you have to do is slide your trailer hook on and then slide the large size keeper over the main hook point and into place. If you don’t want the trailer hook sliding back and getting into your soft plastic trailer, you can sandwich the eye of the trailer hook between two keepers and keep it in a fixed direction while still allowing the eye of the trailer hook to swivel on the main hook shaft. This will take leverage away from the fish during a fight.