I’ve used a lot of different trailers over the years for these two spinnerbaits, but the one I’ve grown to like the best in recent years is the Z-Man Split Tail TrailerZ, the main reason being the ElaZtech material. Rigging the trailer hook the way I do, replacing a trailer can be a little frustrating. Whether part of the plastic was torn off hitting a limb on the cast or bitten off by a short striking bass, cutting the surgical tube off and opening the eye of the hook if necessary is frustrating and time consuming.

The ElaZtech material is extremely stretchy and hardly ever tears or breaks. So I can often use one trailer throughout the life of a spinnerbait, which is really nice. The ElaZtech material also clings to the bait keeper really well and doesn’t get pulled down or torn up like a lot of other trailers. You just have to kind of pull from both sides of the head of the trailer as you’re sliding it up of the bait keeper to get it to go on. The material won’t let you just push it up like most plastic.