Total package


The Invoker Limited Edition Casting Rods did not disappoint. They are custom, using the nicest components and even come with a card that authenticates which rod in the series you own. They are loaded with fine details and features that make these rods truly unique and a joy to fish with. I’ve loved fishing crankbaits, jigs and jerkbaits on these rods so far. Like I said, I absolutely love that 6-foot, 6-inch ML R rod for cranking small flat sides around in the prespawn. I think it could be a great spy bait rod as well as fun rod for some finesse techniques that folks might usually fish on spinning tackle.

I’m a big fan of the Ark Rods lines and this is one of my new favorites. Louie Zhang has done a remarkable job making some of the nicest rods as well as some the most practical and affordable rods. I like that he tries to make rods for every budget and every taste in rods and this new Invoker Limited Edition line was probably a lot of fun to build and bring to market with so many things packed into each rod.

You can find the Invoker Limited Edition at the following online retailers: