Topwater Combo


Rod: Ark Invoker 7-foot, 3-inch MH

Reel: Abu Garcia Revo Rocket 10:1

Line: Seaguar Smackdown 65-pound braid

Lure: I fish a wide range of topwaters

Why it’s a favorite: This rod handles big line and big topwaters really well. It’s affordable and work horse for me. I almost always fish braid on my topwaters and this rod will heave a big topwater or small one equally well.

I fish a wide variety of topwaters like the Strike King Sexy Dawg and the new Mega Dawg, Heddon Chug’n Spooks, River2Sea Whopper Ploppers or pencil baits like the Berkley Cane Walker on most occasions.

These are some of my favorite setups that I have developed a real comfort level with for specific techniques. That’s the biggest part to a combination is it feeling like it can handle casting the bait. Also that it aids you in the fight whether that means keeping small treble hooks in the fish or gaining leverage on a fish when you need it. And I want it to not where me out working the lures so it can’t be too heavy or over bearing. It takes time to marry they way you fish with the right setup.

Of course I could catch bass on just about any rod and reel someone handed me as can most good anglers. But I find the whole fishing process more enjoyable the less I’m fighting with my rod and reel to be able to do what I want with various lures and presentations. The more your combos compliment your presentations the more fish you will put in the boat.

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