Topwater is the best all around genre when it comes to fishing in the rain, so we’re lumping several topwater baits together here instead of listing them out in different sections since there are far more than four of these that will work well in the rain. But all topwaters aren’t equal when adding rainy weather to the equation.

You still want to pick moving topwaters versus baits that you have to fish slower like hollow body frogs and poppers. Yes, you can catch fish on both of those baits and I would suggest using them in the rain if you have a large concentration of fish in a small area. But typically, you want to pick something like a buzzbait, Whopper Plopper or buzz toad that you can constantly keep moving and then cover as much water as you can.

But what about when it’s too cold to fish a topwater? As the water temperatures dip into the 50s, you’ll see fewer bass breaking the surface both on bait and artificial lures. So what do you use then?