Top hatch

bass fishing backpack

One of my favorite features of this bag may be be the simplest. Not to discredit the other really cool things they did with this product but the big top compartment operates similar to the “day boxes” I’ve had before in some big fiberglass boats. I’ve found myself at times fishing from a $60,000 fiberglass boat with most of the gear I planned to use for the day stowed in a small cardboard box inside one of the big compartments. Then the boat manufacturers realized this and started to incorporate a day box into their designs, so the angler had one small, but handy, compartment in the boat where they could consolidate the main things they thought they might need for that day on the water.

The top hatch of the Evolution Outdoor Drift Series Tackle Bag functions the same way for me and I love it. With the backpack sitting upright, the top hatch is at a good level to reach into and pick out the more common things you’re using for the day, whether you’re standing on the shoreline, sitting on the deck of a big boat or turning around in a kayak to grab something. It’s a good catch-all place to put the most essential items. But that’s just the tip of the proverbial iceberg when it comes to storage in this thing.