soft-plastic toad rigged on the back of a buzzbait for bass fishing

Perhaps the most popular bait to fish this way, a toad really is a fantastic bait to rig on the back of a buzzbait. A Zoom Horny Toad is a good example of this style bait and a specific one that many anglers like for this technique. It is a fairly short bait at 4 1/4 inches, so it creates a nice tight package with the buzzbait harness and doesn’t give the fish a lot to swipe at without getting the hook. You can rig a trailer hook with this bait but I don’t really recommend it because it tends to foul up a good bit. A trailer hook also impedes one of the coolest things about this setup, that it skips really well.

The ability to skip a buzzbait is the single-most compelling reason to fish a buzzbait rigged with a soft plastic in my opinion. It opens up so much water to the angler. Now you can present a bait to fish that aren’t used to seeing anything like it under docks, bushes and pontoon boats. Of all the baits I’ve tried, the Zoom Horny Toad skips the best. Not to say there aren’t others that skip well or perhaps even a couple that skip as good or better. But of all I’ve tried, the Horny Toad reigns supreme.