Tight wiggle produces results


Although this crankbait is often overshadowed by its insanely popular “big brother”, the DT-6, the Rapala DT-4 remains one of the most effective shallow-water crankbaits for bass fishing. On a long cast with 12-pound fluorocarbon, you can expect it to reach a depth of roughly 4 feet, but on most average casts, it seems to come closer to the 3-foot mark.

Over the years, I’ve found it has been an excellent tool whenever I’m fishing shallow riprap, boat docks or flats. Its rounded bill allows it to deflect very nicely off of rocks, which results in very few snags and hang-ups throughout a day of fishing.

Once you start fishing with this lure, you’ll notice that very few bass swipe at it. The large majority of fish will inhale this lure which will drastically increase your landing percentage.