Tight action


The Arashi Swimmer really is its own bait and not a member of the glide family at all. I simply wanted to mention the Arashi Glide at the onset because that’s the first thing I thought of when I saw the Swimmer for the first time. I imagine that was the case for many who were familiar with the bait’s predecessor. But where the AGB and other glide baits have a really wide side to side action, the Arashi Swimmer has a good bit tighter action.

The bait still swings wide compared to something like the wobble of a crankbait, which is often also described as having a “tight” action. But where a glide bait swings back and forth say 20 inches, the Swimmer’s action covers more like 10 inches. This allows for the bait to be worked a little faster and fished a little deeper than glide baits, but the action isn’t the only thing that contributes to those two characteristics.