Thin head

head of bass fishing swimbait jighead

One thing I noticed in particular with this jighead that makes it stand out from several others is that the head itself is rather thin, making the jighead really suitable for thinner swimbaits. I have the Missile Baits Shockwave rigged up on it in this photo; it’s thin, like several other swimbaits out there. So this jighead suits it really well.

Paired together, a thin jighead and a thin swimbait can fall deeper, quicker, using less weight than a wide bulky head and bait. Reason being, there’s less resistance. The thin combo shoots through the water compared to a bait rigged on a wider jighead.

This attribute also helps keep the bait down easier, again due to the decrease in the water resistance. If you tested the same weight in this head alongside a wider one, the wider one would rise up in the water column where the thinner Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Swimbait Head would cut through the water cleaner and stay down better.