They’re tough


If I’ve heard one complaint about the older Veritas rods, it’s that they liked to break sometimes. It’s apparent now, however, that Abu Garcia went to great lengths to fix that problem because I can’t get one of these things to snap on me. 

And I’ve sure enough tried. 

I’ve purposely flipped fish in the boat improperly by high-sticking the rod, I’ve set the hook as hard as I possibly can and I’ve (accidentally) hit it on my garage door more times than I’d care to admit. It’s a tough fishing rod without a doubt. I’ve haven’t heard any of those precarious snaps, crackles or pops when it’s under a load and overall it feels much more solid than the older versions. 

These rods actually have advanced resins built directly into the blank that fills evenly around the 30-ton carbon fibers which is designed to make a much stronger rod. So far, so good.