They’ll hold up to abuse


My guilty pleasure involves catching hybrid and striped bass when I really should be bass fishing. I know most of you reading this will call ’em “trash fish” and I get it. But dang man, they sure do pull hard and if a fish is willing to pull back… I want to catch it. 

The bad part about this guilty pleasure is that it absolutely destroys my treble hooks. If I run across a school of hybrids on a shallow flat, I’ll go through all kinds of trebles because they’ll get bent after a few fish catches. 

That has not been the case with the Berkley Fusion19 Treble 1x Hooks. I’ve been fairly amazed at their strength and ability to hold up to abuse from both bass and “trash fish”. I’ve caught striped bass up to 10 pounds with these hooks and they have performed wonderfully and in fact, I still have the same hooks rigged on many of my everyday-use crankbaits. If a small treble hook can withstand the pressure from an angry, 10-pound striper, I think it can handle any-sized bass without any issues.