These treble hooks are legit


I haven’t had a whole bunch of experience with the Berkley Fusion19 treble hooks before testing this crankbait. I’ve always had a certain type I’d use and would rarely stray from that. But man, I’m telling you; I will be buying some of these hooks to put on several of my other hard baits. These are very impressive treble hooks and the Frittside 5 comes straight out of the package with them.

The hook penetration has been superb and I have yet to lose a single fish while using them. Keep in mind, I’ve been fishing for super lethargic winter bass and in that cold water, their mouths get very hard and tough to penetrate with a hook point. Just a quick sweep to the side allows these Fusion19s to grab hold of the bass and not let go.

I’d go as far to say that these are some of the best stock treble hooks I’ve ever found on a shallow crankbait.