The weight

black bean weight for bass fishing

Before we discuss how Frink sets up this rig and his recent tournament success with it, let’s first take a closer look at the Ryugi Black Bean Tungsten Sliding Sinker itself. This is an extremely intelligently designed weight and one I haven’t seen anything comparable to. It has a teardrop shape and kind of reminds me of a bell weight. But by putting an insert in the weight, Ryugi created something revolutionary here that I guarantee other companies will catch on to and duplicate.

The insert creates a better point of contact between the line and the weight than traditional bullet-style weights. This also allows the weight to stay on the bottom better and maintaining better bottom contact means more sensitivity. As the Black Bean weight is dragged along, the majority of the weight maintains contact with the bottom across a larger surface area than a traditional bullet-style weight. When dragging a bullet weight, the majority of the weight is actually raised up off the bottom since the line goes into the nose of the weight, leaving less contact area between the weight and the bottom.