The weight

weight being inserted into neko rig for bass fishing

The weight itself is basically VMC’s normal Neko Weight with a slit cut into the top of it where the strands of skirting are epoxied in. You simply slide this weight into the end of your worm and the ribs along the weight act as barbs that prevent the weight for sliding back out. These weights stay in the bait really well and you don’t go through many of them, as long as you don’t lose the soft-plastic lures they’re inserted in.

I did bend a couple of these weights banging them off docks and other cover, which is to be expected since they’re made of lead. But if you do this, you want to be careful when trying to bend them back and perhaps you’re better off just leaving them a little bent. I broke a couple of these trying to bend them back to their original shape and I honestly doubt the little bit of bend they had in them at the time would have even effected the action of the bait.