The weed guard


Again, like the rest of the bait the weed guard on the Pro Spider Finesse Jig has been downsized as well. Not only are there fewer strands comprising the weed guard than you’d see on a bigger football jig for instance, but each individual bristle is a little thinner in diameter as well. This makes the weed guard less noticeable when a finicky fish bites down on it and goes back to the discussion about lighter line and softer hookset. You won’t need to power your hook through a big tough weed guard.

In addition to adjusting your hookset though, you should also pay particular attention to the bait as you bring it through cover. This lighter weed guard means your hook point will find cover with less effort too. So as you start to feel pressure on your jig, you’ll want to very gently pull back to check it. As soon as you determine it’s cover and not a bite, try dropping your rod to dislodge the bait or ‘popping it’ undone. What you’ll find though, is that the need to work the bait this way will actually help you detect more bites, versus pulling back so hard on that initial tension that the fish feels you and just opens its mouth and spits the bait.