The wake


The Hardcore Noi-Z 105F throws a nice, uniform wake at a slow and steady retrieve. The “F” in the name of the bait stands for floating, which this lure does whenever paused. But as soon as you begin to reel the bait, the well-positioned bill tries to dig in and make the bait dive. But unlike a squarebill or other crankbait, the position and pitch of the bill doesn’t really dig in, so much as pushes water, thus creating the wake.

You can reel the bait too fast and then it will dive an inch or two under the water, or blow out to one side. But on a nice steady retrieve, the action is flawless and the wake is really pretty. The wake is a visual aid the fish use to track the bait, and mimics what a bass would see if a frog, snake, small rodent or injured baitfish were to be swimming along the surface. Pairing that wake with the sound of the bait, you have a deadly combo. More on what generates all that sound now.